BDR will tailor a business continuity plan tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Our disaster recovery solution can include, but is not limited to

– Business and IT planning
– System design
– Back up and recovery systems (with data replication and de-duplication)
– Data protection and workload protection systems
– Employee system access
– Cloud services for disaster recovery
– Storage optimisation, one of our key strengths, is fundamental to a successful disaster recovery solution.


The business and IT benefits resulting from a successful disaster recovery solution include:

Near instant recovery, seconds or minutes rather than the hours or days of traditional recovery solutions

– A comprehensive data protection solution to safeguard critical data

– Scheduled continuous data protection

– Improved control and manageability

– Automatic back up and/ or restoration of key business data

– A key component for demonstrating regulatory compliance

– Scalable solutions to future-proof financial investment

– The ability to recover application content, files, volumes or complete systems without requiring multiple solutions and complex restore procedures


It is essential for businesses of all sizes to guarantee the protection of their data, whether that be for business continuity or regulatory reasons and just as importantly, be able to recover that data as quickly as possible in the event of an issue. Our online backup service satisfies both of these requirements and guarantees your business’ day to day peace of mind.