Travellers, businessmen, diners, guests, families… Everyone needs access to a wireless network when away from home to access the internet.

But being asked for internet access and having to deny a paying customer the privilege of accessing a public network can mean loss of revenue.

Providing free Wifi on premise, whether a hotel or a restaurant enables you to not only improve your customer experience but can also present the opportunity for you to market to a captive audience.


The provision of a wireless network is cost effective and the returns can be great, compared to the minimal investment needed to get your network off the ground. Actively advertising yourself as a Wifi provider will attract customers. The last thing that visitors want to do is to pay for their meal or stay and have to pay again just to access the internet. And as so many of us rely on mobile connectivity these days, it’s not surprising that a staggering 67% of customers will pre select a venue based upon the provision of free internet connectivity.


And whilst many businesses do actively offer free Wifi, the services and network speeds are insufficient to accommodate demand as the network is simply access to a PAN (private area network) via a private broadband connection.

BDR will tailor a solution aligned to the requirements of your business. From a single access point for a small cafe to multiple access points for a large hotel, we will ensure that your customers have access to a fast, uninterrupted wireless network.

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