In today’s ever evolving IT market, schools are becoming more aware of their IT infrastructure and the solutions that they are putting in place to address the changing needs of their learning environment.

From implementing mobile learning strategies to adopting stringent e-security measures to assure the safety of their online audience, more and more schools are supporting comprehensive solutions to ensure that all avenues are covered when making available learning facilities on-line.

Just some of the benefits of implementing a wireless infrastructure within your educational environment can include:

Increased independent learning

Increased student motivation

Improved teacher capacity to plan and implement learning programmes

Extended student learning and improved parental engagement


BDR Wifi ensures that your educational faculty not only benefit from a ubiquitous wireless network but that you can also manage your own network efficiencies.


Manage your network traffic… Both staff and students need access to your wireless network throughout the day. Identify times at which you need to carry out critical administration tasks online without affecting your network’s performance.

Secure your systems… But not compromise on network performance via a SonicWALL. Protect vulnerable users, monitor browsing habits and analyse application traffic to ensure maximum network performance during peak periods.
Provide remote learning capabilities… Through a secure hosted platform. Increasing student interaction out of the classroom and promoting an independent learning ethos.


So many of the learning aids that are present in the classroom today require internet connectivity; Smart boards, tablets, PC’s. Consistency of service will provide consistency of learning, when utilising such devices.


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BDR are also able to implement business intelligent telecommunications systems that can further support your internal communications. Allowing you to save money, drive productivity and increase student satisfaction through improved communications practices.


The BDR iPECS range covers small to large schools and colleges with a range of scalable applications that can accommodate two up to 2000 users helping your faculty improve productivity and maximize efficiencies.