BDR Group are certified unified communications providers

Unified Communications Providers

Tap into BDR’s range of on-premise and cloud telephone systems as unified communications providers. Our unified communications solutions come from a small number of leading and award-winning providers, including Ericsson LG, Mitel and Avaya.

We pride ourselves at BDR to offer the same range of features and solutions in either an on-premise solution or hosted in our secure data centres in Birmingham, London Telehouse, Maidstone and Manchester.

With the importance of connectivity for modern communication platforms we have lots of options to provide the best possible service, we can advise you ion the latest fibre options available.

BDR provides solutions to over 2,500 business from lots of sectors including Manufacturing, Health Care, Professional Services, Hospitality and Retail.

With state of the art mobility solutions that allow you to have a signal telephone number on your desk phone, mobile and tablet to call recording solutions on your mobile phone and desk phone and seamless handover between the two devices.

Ways that we help as Unified Communications Providers

BDR will ultimately improve the productivity of your team, with:

  • automatic dialling solutions;
  • Click-to-dial from a web page and;
  • full integration and incoming call screen popping in your software applications.

Some of the 2500 businesses plus we have implemented solutions within didn’t realise the advantages of advanced call management that allows comprehensive business analytics with incoming, outgoing and miss call patterns until we provided a BDR on-premise or hosted solution.

BDR, in short, gives our customers’ team members flexible working. Moreover, it offers you the ability to:

  • First, plug in your desk phone to any internet connection in the world and;
  • Simultaneously, get instant connection to your own business communications network.

As a result, our experienced consultants and unified communications providers will look at your business requirements. Then, we’ll tailor a solution that suits your budget or provide a cost analysis to offset the costs against savings and productivity improvements from moving to a cloud-based solution.

Benefits of our Unified Communications Providers solutions

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