Exploring IT Remote Working Solutions

There are plenty of solutions on the market that will help you organise and setup remote working for you and your staff. Some solution are more complex than others, some of them are completely free and easy to deploy and setup.

Let us help you navigate these solutions and arrive at the best path for your business; in light of the current outbreak.

COVID-19: IT Solutions

Remote working solutions for your IT requirements

A VPN is the ability to link your work laptop to the computer network in the office – this acts as if your connected in the office and allows you to access files in the same way. Your BDR provided router/firewall may include licences for this.

Citrix and remote desktop both offer flexible work from home solutions – allowing you to run your entire software stack via a convenient remote access application on almost any device. True mobile working! This is both secure and the preferred option where available. 

If you have an Office 365 package, you can rest easy knowing that your staff will have access to their emails and a number of Microsoft apps such as MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint. 

Our MSP customers have the ability for us to setup an account and remote in directly to your BDR managed computer. This is the same as being sat in the office. This can be accessed from any Windows or Mac device connected to the internet. 

Want to move forward with a solution?

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*Subject to IT network and setup functionality and compatibility. Our team will advise on the best solution for your IT network / requirements.