Communicate via Microsoft Teams using BDR Direct Routing

Bring together internal and external communications; phone calls, video, chat, file sharing, screen sharing and email into one unified integrated application.


Direct Routing connects Microsoft Teams to the traditional phone network (PSTN). It allows businesses to make, receive and transfer calls to and from Teams like a traditional PBX system, but without the need for a hosted telephone application or on-premise PBX.

What’s needed to enable Direct Routing?

  • Microsoft 365 or Office 365 license including Teams
  • Microsoft Phone System add-on
  • An Internet connection

Key Benefits of BDR Direct Routing

  • More cost effective than Microsoft Calling Plans
  • More cost effective than other solutions in the market
  • Cloud solution, no expenditure on hardware
  • Reliable SIP connectivity, resilience & availability
  • Hassle free number porting
  • Enables home, flexible and remote working
  • Support
  • Have BDR SIP Trunks on both your existing telephony application and MS Teams

Built-in Fraud Detection

By default, we turn on fraud detection for all services. Providing timely responses and notification to fraud attempts.

Future Proof

PSTN & ISDN will be turned off in 2025 and businesses will have to move to SIP or hosted telephone application.

Reliable & Stable

Years of core up time is expected and will be delivered by careful engineering & a team dedicated to great service.

Seamless Migration

Whether you’re already using Teams or looking for a phone system, you can seamlessly migrate to Microsoft Teams with BDR.

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