VoIP Telephone Solutions

How VoIP telephone solutions differ from a Standard Telephone Service?

VoIP telephone solutions have been moving away from the PSTN and towards VoIP for a while now. Although most users don’t realise it, they may already be using VoIP as most suppliers are upgrading their infrastructure. Both consumer and enterprise VoIP have been seeing exponential growth and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

However the average person may not really understand the difference between VoIP and regular phone service. Since VoIP is set to become the standard for voice calls, it is useful for everyone to understand what VoIP is and why it popular. Consumer and enterprise VoIP differ when it comes to pricing, breadth of features and business model but utilise the same underlying technology. So if you’re asking yourself “How is VoIP different from regular telephone systems”, please contact BDR to find out!